Originating in Houston, Texas in 2010 Outdoor Comforts has been providing professional and exceptional landscape lighting designs and installations for several years. Not satisfied with working in Houston alone, we have expanded to San Antontio, Texas, and they bring with them the years of experience and care they have cultivated.

When searching for outdoor lighting, one would typically want to find a company with a great track record of customer service and fantastic lighting designs Outdoor Comforts has both. They will go out of their way to ensure their customers are completely satisfied with their installations.

Being in San Antonio now for 3 year has provided the growth of the company and is just beginning. Soon, Outdoor Comforts will be the premier landscape lighting company of San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas.

We provide:

  • free consultations
  • free night time demonstrations of our lighting systems when asked
  • a free annual service plan with each system.

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