So, what are Bistro lights? If you envisioned a French Cafe, you’re close! Simply put, bistro lights or cafe lights are decorative string lights used in a way that enhances an outdoor space. Bistro lights are often used as wedding lights for receptions and night time events, however, patio dining and gathering areas are also popular spots for this fun type of lighting!

The best part about hanging bistro lights in patio dining areas is the amazing selection of colors and styles available, allowing you to really let your individuality shine through! (No pun intended!) Plus, if your mood changes or you have a special event to plan for, you can always change out the bulbs to keep things interesting! Just be sure to match your bulb and string size to ensure a perfect fit every time. We’ve compiled a few DIY bistro lights ideas below to spark your creativity and put you on the path to the outdoor dining area of your dreams!