Specializing in the design and installation of landscape and architectural lighting.

Outdoor lighting can dramatically change the appearance of a home. Utilizing low voltage, LED and Moon Lighting (mercury vapor lighting), we design outdoor lighting systems to highlight the best features of your Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth or San Antonio area home and its landscaping. Our objective is to draw the eye to a home’s most beautiful features, rather than to the lights themselves. By “painting” with light, we can truly transform your home and property. We use shadow, texture and color, along with dark silhouettes, to give your home and property its own unique look. We promise you that with an LED Lighting System from Landscape Lighting Houston Pro, your home will be more beautiful during the night than in the daytime.

Architectural and landscape lighting design with the future in mind

We design your outdoor lighting system with the future in mind. We recognize that things change over time, and so may your needs. Patios get added and landscaping changes, just to name two. We design your lighting system knowing that there might be additions and changes over time. By designing your lighting system to be flexible, we ensure that adding to your lighting system doesn’t mean starting over, and it doesn’t mean wasted investment.

Professionalism and satisfaction guarantee

Throughout the design and installation process, we work with you to ensure that your expectations for the end result are met. There are no surprises because we “light up” your home with a free demonstration before the installation begins. We are able to fine-tune the exterior lighting design without limit so that when the installation is completed, the result is a perfectly lit home.

Your responsive and professional support team

We have a customer center for each metro area we serve: Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio. Our Customer Care Representatives are well-trained to assist you, whether you need information on new outdoor lighting installation, the addition of additional lights on your property, or a maintenance request. And you stay top-of-mind after your installation is completed. We carefully document our work, so that our Customer Care team can speak with you knowledgeably about your lighting system. Whatever your need, we can address it promptly and properly.

Landscape lighting maintenance

You can also choose to purchase ongoing maintenance services so that you can enjoy your landscape lighting worry-free. During your scheduled, semi-annual lighting maintenance, we realign lights, ensure that all components are functioning correctly, remove or trim small landscape blockages inhibiting proper illumination and replace any necessary bulbs.

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