The best outdoor lighting schemes don’t attract attention to themselves, but instead to your home. Accentuating your curb appeal is easy when you let Landscape Lighting Houston Pro handle your landscape lighting near Houston. Lighting that simulates moonlight can be a great way to naturally highlight your home.

Achieving the “moonlight effect” involves lighting that rivals a full moon for intensity, meaning it casts your home in a soft light. Doing so is accomplished by the following:

  • Some of the best lighting features involve illuminating the trees in your yard. Whether highlighted by uplighting from the ground or lights mounted in the tree, properly lit trees can bring your front yard to life.
  • Find a focus. Commonly the front entry way, you want your lighting to bring focus to your home. Creating a center stage that welcomes and invites is perfect.
  • Floodlights may cast the most light, but varying fixtures allows you to vary the lighting effects around your home.
  • While lightbulbs come in many colors, avoid painting your home with light. Stick to white, warm light for the most inviting lighting.
  • Keep it all coordinated with a timer and photocell. Accentuation lights can be shut down at a certain time that way, with security lighting staying on throughout the night to provide peace of mind.

Our professional team at Architectural Transformations has the knowledge and know-how to properly illuminate your home at night for that perfect moonlight feel. Contact out team today for more information about landscape lighting near Atlanta and how it can help boost your home’s curb appeal.

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