Are you looking for a more permanent solution to your bug problem?

Landscape Lighting Houston Pro offers complete installation and management of Misting Systems.


  • Automatically sprays 2-4 times a day (you choose!)
  • Spray during times that Mosquitoes are most active
  • Kill mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests
  • Repel pests and keep them from returning
  • Consist of strategically placed inconspicuous nozzles
  • Possess built in smart features that monitor tank levels, spray patterns, and can detect leaks or other issues
  • Are monitored remotely, so you don’t have to worry about the system at all
  • Are filled and serviced regularly by Mosquito Squad professionals
  • Are winterized by Mosquito Squad professionals
  • Include a remote control, enabling you to activate your misting system in preparation for events or parties
  • Includes an app that allows you to control the time of your sprays


After contacting us, we promptly dispatch one of our specialists to your home where they will personally meet with you to discuss the different systems we offer. They will also assist you in answering any questions and determine which product will best meet the needs of your family and property.

Once you have decided on a system that will best suit your needs, our specialist will personally walk you through the system design as well as the strategic placement of the misting nozzles. The layout strategy of the system is the most important factor towards achieving the best results in the protection of your home and family from dangerous insects. At this time, our specialist will generate a quote for the installation and management of the desired system. Once the decision to move forward is finalized, a team of specialists will arrive within 10 days to install your personalized misting system.


Our installation specialists are highly experienced in the installation of MistAway Misting Systems. They are trained extensively in camouflaging misting systems in a way that will make them virtually invisible, and are fully equipped to install your personalized misting system. The most common and effective areas that nozzles will be installed are bordering swimming pools, decks, gazebos, planting areas, and fence lines.

At Landscape Lighting Houston Pro, we use smart misting systems that are designed to detect leaks in any nozzle circuits, and then automatically shut the system down until it can be serviced by one of our technicians. Our systems can also be configured with sensors that will detect high winds and delay misting automatically until the wind has subsided, making them more efficient with less misting spray wasted. Additionally, every one of our misting systems automatically mixes the insecticide prior to each misting cycle. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of each and every spray, prevents the insecticide from settling, and keeps your system from misting plain water.


Once we have finished installing your personalized misting system we don’t stop there. We handle all the necessary maintenance and servicing for the entire system for an affordable yearly fee. Before the bug season arrives we will prepare and fill the system. During the season we will regularly refill the system as necessary. And each year at the end of the season we will close and winterize the system to preserve it for the following year.

If any issues arise with the system at any point during the season we will promptly send a specialist to locate the problem and get your misting system back in excellent working order as quickly as possible. While you are not required to be present for regular servicing and maintenance visits, we prefer to personally schedule all visits in advance. This ensures no surprises for you and no inconvenient arrivals on our part.